87.9 "The Carpet!"Bernard FlendersonBull Harkin
BusterBuzz TarcoBuzz Tarco's Christmas Carol
Captain PloobyChickenClonebot
Closet Time!Cody MalodoraDelilah Tarco
Desktop TalesF-mailFlaw-Mart
From Death to Life and BeyondGrizzlyHorton's Hotdog Company
James ArnsonJimmyJoe's Used Furniture
JohnsonKrustyLenny's Thanksgiving Kerfuffle
Lenny Leggo: Time BreakerLenny LegoLenny Lego: Live!
Lenny Lego Presents: The Chronicles of StrinetorLenny Lego timelineList of Lenny Lego episodes
Logical Reasoning with Mr. Fireman!Mammoth DuncanMarty Moose
MegabotMr. AmbulanceMr. Ambulance's Thanksgiving Kerfuffle
Mr. FiremanMr. Fireman: Crusaders of FireMr. Fireman (2014 film)
Mrs. DineyNational Mr. Fireman DayNiterium
Ol' FrankOn-Duty Alone: A Lenny Lego Christmas SpecialP.U.F.T.E
PatchyPatty The PancakePigpig
Quincy LegoRandy's MotherRandy Stallone
Ryan PaulSamuel RichardsonScott Diggerman
Season SSergeant JonesSkyler City Police Department
StriktrusTerry StigsminThe Bank Robbers
The Bonus RoundThe Chronicles of StrinetorThe Fitness Galaxy
The Headless Running GagThe Lenny Leggo Show: The 4th of July SpecialThe Lenny Lego Movie
The Lenny Lego Movie 2The Lenny Lego Movie 3The Lenny Lego Show
The Lenny Lego Show: The "Nature" TrilogyThe Lenny Lego Show: The 4th of July SpecialThe Lenny Lego Show: the 4th of July Special 2
The Lenny Lego Show WikiThe Morning Show! With Mr. DavisThe Plumber
The RatThe SheepskippersThe Tornado Theory
The YoshisTiger WhitmoreTimmy Tinkleman
Tucker SalsburyWonka the Fireman
File:1 BY 85.jpgFile:4 BY 3.jpgFile:Bathroom exterior A.png
File:Before the effects.jpgFile:Brad Green.jpgFile:Bull original.png
File:Buzz Tarco's Christmas Carol.jpgFile:Buzz Tarco- stand.pngFile:Buzz Tarco- stand (new).png
File:Buzz Tarco- stand (newest).pngFile:Buzz Tarco.pngFile:Buzz Tarco 3 render (final).png
File:Buzz Tarco prototype render.jpgFile:Captain Plooby.pngFile:Channel art.png
File:Davis.pngFile:Demo redition.jpgFile:F-Mail has encountered a problem and needs to close.jpg
File:F-mail has encountered a problem and needs to close (CROPPED).pngFile:F mail has encountered a problem and needs to close.jpgFile:Film collection ending.jpg
File:Flaw-Mart logo.pngFile:GEDV0339.jpgFile:GEDV0341.jpg
File:GEDV0342.jpgFile:Image1.jpgFile:Image coming soon.jpg
File:Joe's Used Furniture Commercial.pngFile:Jonah Flenderson- standing (latest).pngFile:Jonah Flenderson- standing (red).png
File:Jonah Flenderson- standing (with gloves).pngFile:Jonah and Martin's house exterior.pngFile:Lenny's diningroom prototype.png
File:Lenny's livingroom interior (back).pngFile:Lenny- stand.pngFile:Lenny- stand (new).png
File:Lenny.pngFile:Lenny Lego.jpegFile:Lenny Lego 3 teaser poster.jpg
File:Lenny Lego Wiki.JPGFile:Library exterior.pngFile:Library exterior (newer).png
File:Logical Reasoning (2).jpgFile:Logical Reasoning with Mr. Fireman.jpgFile:Magazine final.png
File:Mammoth- face right.pngFile:Mammoth- face right (final).pngFile:Mammoth- face right (new).png
File:Mammoth- face right (new 2).pngFile:Mammoth- face right (newest).pngFile:Martin Prescott- stand (with watch).png
File:Miscellaneous dinosaur.jpgFile:Mr. Ambulance's Thanksgiving Kerfuffle.jpgFile:Mr. Ambulance- stand.png
File:Mr. Fireman's father as Jacob Marley.jpgFile:Mr. Fireman- standing (red).pngFile:Mr. Fireman (orange (with hat).png
File:Mr. Fireman 2 poster.jpgFile:Mr. Fireman Crusaders of Fire teaser poster.jpgFile:Mr. Fireman Official Release poster.jpg
File:Ncdonald's Logo.pngFile:New Logo.jpgFile:New Logo 3.jpg
File:New Logo 4.jpgFile:New logo.jpgFile:Niterium logo.png
File:Opening disclaimer.pngFile:Original A.jpgFile:Original B.jpg
File:Police Station exterior.pngFile:Police Station exterior (new).pngFile:Police station interior.png
File:Police station original.pngFile:Randy's Hippie bedroom.jpgFile:Randy Stallone- stand- facing right.png
File:Randy Stallone- stand- facing right (hair).pngFile:Randy Stallone- stand- facing right (new).pngFile:Randy Stallone- stand- facing right (newest).png
File:Randy Stallone- stand- facing right (spots).pngFile:Strip Mall exterior.pngFile:Strip Mall exterior (new).png
File:TLLM3 official poster.jpgFile:Tarco and the line.pngFile:Test.png
File:The Lenny Lego Movie 2 Theatrical Poster.jpgFile:The Lenny Lego Movie 4 teaser poster.jpgFile:The Lenny Lego Show official logo 2.jpg
File:The Thomas Movie Theatrical Poster.jpgFile:The Thomas Movie Theatrical poster.jpgFile:Timmy Tinkleman.jpg
File:Updated A.jpgFile:Updated B.jpg

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